3 Tips to Focus Productivity

Distraction is something that affects everyone. Staying focused, especially in the Digital Age, is incredibly difficult. One of our favorite sites here at Distillery Web Design is Lifehacker.com. They have all kinds of tips for productivity and getting things done. From health to tech tips, Lifehacker has it all.

In the Ask Lifehacker section, there was something that caught my focus. A reader asked for tips in order to help him/her focus. I think we can all relate. I mean, here I am trying to write this piece and suddenly a song I LOVE comes on Pandora. Of course I have to go click Thumbs Up so Pandora will know I like the artist. Plus, something interesting might be on Facebook. I should probably check my personal page plus the many other business Facebook pages that I update. Oh, and while I’m checking up on things, I should probably see what movies are playing this weekend and jot down the times. I did read the Hunger Games trilogy and want to see the movie. Okay, now a song I can’t stand is playing on Pandora so I need to click Thumbs Down so it won’t be played again. Now, 20 minutes later (just an estimate. It could be more. Probably is more.) I’m kinda ready to write this, but I’d rather go see what’s new on Pinterest. Sound familiar?

Staying focused is more than just being disciplined. In Lifehacker’s response, it specifically states that some distraction is good. I have to agree because as a writer there are times I have to physically walk away from the computer. Diverting my attention to something unrelated helps me and my creative juices.  You should do the same, but remembering to get back to work after a little break and then shifting your focus back is the hard part. 

Here are some tips from Lifehacker to help stay focused: click the button for the entire response Ask Lifehacker

  • Record Your Time – they suggest recording when you lose attention and when you’ve been idle. After a few days you’ll be able to see how much time you’ve wasted versus the time you’ve actually worked.
  • Eliminate Distractions – Lifehacker lists the big three office distractions. They are distracting employees, distracting websites (*shakes fist at Facebook), and distracting applications. Lifehacker gives great ideas on how to deal with each type of distractions.
  • Choose the Right Tools – Lifehacker has many articles specifically geared to help you be more productive. Remember, we only have so much willpower and allowing yourself some distraction is good. It’s just like dieting. A little cheat every once in awhile will keep you sane.

I found Lifehacker’s response to be incredibly helpful and I plan to implement some changes in order to help myself focus on my tasks. Remember the sites you like to frequent will still be there after you are finished…hopefully.

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