4 Most Common Facebook Mistakes

Facebook Mistakes


While traditional marketing focuses on the business, Facebook is a way for small businesses to engage conversation with people. Haven’t seen a rise in Likes or Facebook fans? Then you’re probably making one or more of these Facebook mistakes.


Social Media Mistakes by Small Businesses


 Facebook Mistake #1: Spamming: As in too many updates and too much selling. This is social media with the emphasis on social. Moderation is key.

Pro Tip: Spread updates at least 3 hours apart and limit selling to a couple of updates a week.

Facebook Mistake #2: Out to Lunch: Facebook isn’t a set it and forget it type of interface. Daily updates are essential. The idea is to show your business’s personality and to have fun. You want to give people an incentive for liking your Facebook page.

Social Media Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

 Pro Tip: Mix it up by asking questions, giving tips and ideas for your specific type of business, posting video, and posting pictures.

Facebook Mistake #3: Time of Day:It’s important to know when to schedule an update, otherwise your updates may only be seen by a handful of your fans.

Pro Tip: Facebook Insights help you see which updates performed best and help give you an idea of the best day, time and content to post to your Facebook page.

Social Media Mistakes Made by Small Business OwnersFacebook Mistake #4: Unanswered Questions: Social media is an extension of your business’s customer service. Be sure to monitor your Facebook page for questions, comments, and messages to your Facebook inbox.

Pro Tip: Download Facebook Pages Manager to your mobile device so you won’t miss a comment or a message.

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