5 Tips to Successful Branding for Small Businesses

What is branding?  The term is consistently used over and over in business blogs, journals, and tips. Let’s break it down.  Branding your business has a variety of facets. It includes everything from a company’s name, logo, message, and theme.  A company typically has a consistent theme (think McDonald’s, Apple, BMW, Nike) that their customers instantly know and recognize. Branding also has a “feeling” associated to it.  Customers want more than just a physical experience, they want to know that they are appreciated. In addition, branding should show a lifestyle. Think about the examples mentioned and what each one promotes.  All of these things tie into your company’s branding.  Here are a few tips on how to get started.

1. Logo Design

This is a customer’s visual recognition, and your company’s logo has to be on everything from business cards, envelopes, newsletters to your website.  You want it to be simple and recognizable.  Think about the examples at the beginning of this article.  As soon as you read the names, their logos popped in your head.  That’s what you want. We can help you design and interesting logo for your company that will be instantly recognizable to your customers.  Contact Us

2. Professional Website

This can’t be stressed enough. A website is your first impression with many customers, so you want it to be professionally done.  Remember, an ugly, out-dated website will scare off potential customers.  Literally everyone uses the Internet now…seriously…EVERYONE. If someone recommends your business, you will be Goggled. You want to make sure that your business is easily found and is in the top 3 choices. Distillery Web Design can help you with any of your website or social media needs.

3. Be the Expert

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, there will always be another business selling the same product or service.  Make sure you show how you’re the expert.  Remember, customer service is key and you want your customers to always have a positive experience every time they come into your store and/or visit your website. With that being said, you can’t please everyone. That’s unrealistic, but always be on top of your business’s service and knowledge will help win more customers.

4. Follow Through

Let’s reiterate. You want your customers to have a positive experience with your business.  If you say a product or service will be there, then it needs to be there. This is easy stuff. Make sure your employees also understand the importance of creating a positive experience for the customer.  It’s cyclical, and by simply following through you will create an positive image for your business.  Positive word of mouth is fantastic.  Negative word of mouth, can run you out of business.

5. Tweak When Necessary

There are a variety of ways to see what promotions or services are working and what was a flop.  That’s all part of business. Some ideas are successful, while others don’t do what was expected. If you’re business is not gaining the desire image or your customers have a different image of your business, then it’s time to step back and discover why. We can help!

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