5 Ways to Handle Negative Reviews for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you have many responsibilities. They range from everyday record keeping to being aware of your online presence. If you have not created an online presence for your business, then doing so is your first priority. Not sure where to get started? Read Not Having a Website is Hurting Your Small Business and 3 Ways to Gain More Online Reviews for Your Small Business

Reputation is extremely important both personally and professionally. In order to gain control over your online reputation, you must be aware of what is being said about your small business. Here are 5 ways to handle negative reviews.

1. Do Not Assume the Fetal Position
No one expects for a business to have 100% positive reviews. First of all, that would seem fake. Unfortunately, you cannot please everyone all the time. The goal is to have mostly positive reviews, so prepare yourself for some negative feedback.

2. Have a Game Plan
How often are you going to look at your customer reviews? If there is a problem how will you address it? Will you contact the reviewer directly or if possible respond on the local listing site? These are important to plan out so you will have a timely and professional response.

3. Acknowledge the Problem
Is the complaint legitimate or is the reviewer just a negative person? Ignoring the complaint is not going to make it go away. In fact, it could escalate the issue. Consult your Game Plan and respond accordingly.

4. The Customer is Always Right
Getting into a verbal online altercation is incredibly unprofessional. Keep your thoughts to yourself. Remember to thank the customer for their feedback. No justification, no excuses. It will only insight more negativity. However, if the review is offensive, abusive, perverse, etc., never respond and be sure to flag the review.

5. Always Be Professional (Always)
Be sure to thank those who give positive reviews and address those that give negative. Always stay professional. Your reaction is just as important as the reviews.

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