7 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make in Social Media Marketing

It seems everyone and almost every business in the Lebanon, Springfield, and the Lake of the Ozarks, area has a Facebook page, Twitter

account or some other form of social media.  The way businesses advertise have changed over recent years, and social media marketing is still new. Traditional marketing is sell, look at me, buy our product; whereas, social marketing is just that…social. Businesses need to engage conversation with people, not just at them. Here are the top seven mistakes small business make and some common sense basic solutions.
1. Irregular Updates. It shows lack of initiative and laziness. As a business owner it is important to show your customers they are important. Updating willy-nilly or not responding tells your customers/fans you can’t be bothered. In short, it is just poor customer service. If as a business owner you simply do not have time or just need help Contact Us
2. Talking at People. There are places to give descriptions of products and it is called your website. Social media needs to engaged your fans. If you find no one is talking to you, then start a conversation. This is not a time to be shy and it is important to put your business out there. So, create conversations, find out what your fans find interesting, share your specific knowledge, or tell stories. Think about how you can be helpful.


3. No Set Plans or Goals. How is your small business different from other small businesses? What message(s) do you want to put out there? Who is going to be responsible for updated your Facebook page, Twitter feed, and/or blog? These are a few questions you need to ask before setting sail down the social media river. Find an employee who is a “people person” and connects easily with customers. Just because your niece, nephew, or young adult who works for you is on Facebook constantly does not mean he/she is a good choice.


4. Unprepared for Questions. All businesses have customer service issues or questions. It is a given. These same issues will appear at some point on your social media sites. Make a list of FAQs (which can be listed on your website), and make sure to handle any issues appropriate and in a timely manner.  Do not refer customers to the website if an FAQ arises. It is rude and infuriating. Remember, social media is an extension of customer service.


5. Stating Opinions. What’s the saying? Common etiquette says never discuss religion, politics, sex, or money. Your business Facebook page is not your personal agenda. You will offend someone and when someone is offend, they are vocal. Negative comments circulate much faster and with great intensity than positive comments. Remember, the customer is always right.


6. Too Much. As in too much selling and too many updates. No one wants spam and that’s exactly where your feed will go…the abyss known as spam filters. Moderation is key.


7. Field of Dreams Mentality. What a great movie! This average Joe from Iowa built a baseball field and everyone just showed up. Fiction is such a great escape. This is reality, and people aren’t going to listen to a voice telling them to visit your Facebook page. There is no mystical force or magic behind social media. Creating positive experiences is the key to social media success.


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