Benefits of Google AdWords

Benefits of Google AdWords for Small Business Owners

Google AdWords are another way for small business owners to advertise products and services to a wide range of potential customers. In the first two parts of our Search Advertising series, we’ve shown the benefits of Search Advertising and Social Media Advertising, and also the specific advantages of running Facebook Ads. In the third part, we are focusing on the benefits of Google AdWords for small business owners. 

Google has made its way into our lexicon. When someone is searching for a product or an answer, the first thing they do is “Google” it. In 2011, there were 1,722,071,000,000 searches on Google. That’s a huge number, and shows the powerful influence of using Google. However, Google is more than a search engine. They have developed a variety of ways to help promote small businesses. Google AdWords is one way to help raise awareness of small businesses and help small businesses be seen on the web. 

As a small business owner, having an advertising budget is extremely important. When people use search engines like Google, to find products and services, they are getting ready to buy, comparison shopping, or are going to buy that day. Why not help your small business by using a Google product? 

What are Google AdWords exactly? They are located on the right hand side of the screen when someone does a search on Google (see example below). The number of ads shown depends on how many advertisers are bidding on those keywords. Advertising with Google AdWords is a guaranteed way to get people to know your company exists. 

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Listed below are more benefits of using Google AdWords.

  • Effective. Google is the most popular search engine. More exposure to more people means more exposure for your business.
  • Cost Effective. You set the budget. Plus, there isn’t an obligation once you decide to run an ad.
  • Rankings. The more clicks your ad gets, the higher on the page it ranks.
  • Inexpensive. It costs $5.00 to get started and there’s no monthly minimum.
  • Budget Friendly. Cost is a big deal to small business owners. With this CPC option, you are in control.
  • Targeted.  Google AdWords gives you the ability to target your intended audience. This is done by keywords, placement, audience, demographics, device (desktop and laptop only, iPhones and Androids only, or on all devices). 
  • Flexibility. Change the ad when you want, run multiple ads, or put your campaign on hold. It’s up to you.
  • Google Analytics. Measures sales, conversions, how many visitors used your site, and more. 

With these advertising options, small business owners don’t have to have a huge budget in order to advertise effectively and successfully. Not sure how to get started? Then contact a qualified agency like us, Distillery Web Design and Marketing.

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