Gaining More Facebook Likes for Small Business

How to Gain More Facebook Likes and Maintain an Active Fan Base

As of December 31, 2013 Facebook has  1.23 billion monthly active users, it’s imperative that small businesses have a Facebook Fan page. In past posts, I’ve written about not having a Facebook page, mistakes small business owners make, and various tips to engage your current fans. Today we focus on how to gain more Facebook likes for your business Facebook page. Likes equal fans which equals customers with equals profits. Here are tips to gain more quality likes for your business Facebook page. Some of these are new, while other are definitely worth repeating.

How to Gain More Facebook Likes:

Regularly Post Status Updates

One way to gain more Facebook likes is to regularly post status updates. This really does seem like a “Duh” when you read it.  All it takes is 1 – 3 status updates a day at prime times (think around lunch, right before work ends, later in the evening). You can even schedule your likes in advance making it much easier to maintain a constant conversation with your fans.

Ask People to Join

Just ask. That’s all you have to do. If you look at the bottom right hand side of the Admin screen there is an Invite Friends option. Only invite those friends who you know would be interested in your business Facebook page. Be sure to also mention  your Facebook page to real life customers (those visiting your business), and have signs on your storefront promoting your page.

Get Fans to Tag Photos

Best example of a local small business owner doing this is Christine Bonnivier Photography. Her business page currently has 1337 likes. She encourages others to tag people they know in her photos. Telling people to tag photos is an easy way to get your name out there, and it’s interactive and engages fan participation. She also updates at least once a day and posts her recent photo shoots, events, and news.

Run a Promotion or Giveaway

This needs to be specific to Facebook likes. We’ve run a number of promotions for our various clients. Some of the most successful have been for The Butcher Shop in Camdenton, Mo. The criteria for the giveaways is to fill out the form, like the Facebook page, and share with your friends. We’ve run two big giveaways and two smaller weekly giveaways. The winner is always announced once the page hits a certain number of likes.

Install a Facebook Icon on Your Website

Facebook is social and should be treated as such. Your website is to help educate and run your business. Be sure to have your website listed on the About section of your Facebook page, and a Facebook Icon on every page of your website.  Take a look at The Butcher Shop‘s website and you’ll see the Facebook icon prominently displayed on every page reminding people that they do have Facebook page (which is updated daily and has a fun, active fan base).

Mix it Up

Status updates should be fun, informative, and interactive. With Facebook, you want to create a positive experience. Mix it up with funny posts (appropriate of course), videos, pictures, opinion polls, etc. You’re going to get more likes from a picture of a kitty looking cute than from a promotion. Definitely promote your business, but do so sparingly.

Run Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are extremely beneficial and won’t break your budget. These are great because you can target your audience by demographics such as age, gender, likes, location, keywords, interests, and more. There’s also a PPC (pay per click) option so you don’t actually pay until someone clicks on it. Be sure to really zero in on your intended demographics. You want quality likes from people who will engage and become customers. Otherwise, your Facebook likes become a vanity number.

Include a Facebook link in Newsletter

Another great way to gain more fans plus promote exclusive deals only to those who subscribe to your newsletter.  And it’s easy and doesn’t cost anything but the time you spent to write the newsletter.

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