Not Having a Website is Hurting Your Small Business

Many small business owners in the Springfield, Lebanon, Camdenton, Osage Beach, and the Lake area of Missouri believe they are doing just fine without a website. By not having a website small businesses are only losing  customers and, therefore, revenue. It is time small business owners realize that people are not using the yellow pages or phone books anymore. In order to find somewhere new, people Google keywords in order to find that perfect place.  And isn’t your business the perfect place? 

When a business is new, people stop in out of curiosity. A new business will more than likely even get newspapers or possibly TV stations to stop by as well. Guess what? That’s a one time deal. Newspapers and TV stations are not coming back. With traditional media, business owners run the same ad over and over. People start ignoring that radio spot or newspaper ad. Plus, making changes costs money so the ad is always stagnant. When you add up constant newspaper adds, yellow page adds, and radio spots year after year or month after month the cost can be thousands of dollars. Whereas with a website, when done correctly, will start saving you money immediately. With Distillery Web Design and Marketing, we teach you how to maintain and make changes to your site. You do not have to know anything about websites in order to update your own. Know how to send an email? Then you can update one of our custom made sites. This gives you control to update your site when you want. Contact Us

Another way small business owners hurt their business is by believing since they have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and a few reviews that they already have a web presence and do not see a need for a website. Social media is important, but it is not the end all be all of having Internet presence. Small business owners are limiting their presence and control with connecting to their customers (both present and future) by only using social media. Facebook, Twitter and other types of social media do not allow small business owners to create email lists. Websites do. Imagine being able to reach thousands of customers through one click.  Email lists are the new word of mouth.

By having a website, small businesses gain the ability to:

  • Differentiate
  • Create Authority
  • Build an Email List
  • Gain a New Audience/Customers
  • Keep Existing Audience/Customers
  • Provide FAQs
  • Have SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Save Marketing Costs
  • Obtain Content Control
  • Incorporate Social Media
  • Create Brand Awareness

A website is an extension of a business. A website makes a small business always open. It is how customers can find out location, store hours, event details, plus much more at 9am or at 2am.  Search engines are geared to find local places. No website, no search results, no customers, no revenue = no more business, doors shut. Having a website is a huge part of a small business’s marketing plan and is essential to gaining more business and success.

Distillery Web Design and Marketing is a feature website builder, online marketer, and advertising specialty consulting group working with businesses in the Lebanon, Camdenton, Osage Beach, Springfield, and St. Robert areas of Missouri. Facebook, websites, online promotions, print media, radio promotions, online newsletters, graphic design and direct mail campaigns are our specialty. We know how to get the Internet, social networking and new media to work for you!