Project Path – Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce

Just recently, we were awarded the project to redesign and host the Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce. A very big deal to us. So excited! Here is the way we are going to take this website and the Chamber itself to the next level.

1. New branding – new logos and artwork on the site done by professionals
2. Collaboration and contribution – Baked in tech to allow the Chamber staff and it’s members share their insight with community without having to go through a web designer.
3. Accessibility – Visitors can access the site, add comments, visit FaceBook, ask questions, and get answers in real time, online.
4. Added Value – The Chamber membership will be able to leverage the new site to drive traffic to their websites and ultimately their businesses.

Can your website or your Chamber of Commerce do all this?

Tune in here and on Twitter/distilledweb for updates.