Search Advertising and Social Media Advertising for Small Business

Part One: Benefits of Search Advertising and Social Media Advertising – Google AdWords and Facebook

Let’s face it, in order for people to know about your business you have to advertise. The traditional word of mouth and print ads are going by the wayside and in the age of mobile phones, Facebook, and Google more and more customers are using technology to find products and services they want or need.

In this series on Search Advertising and Social Media Advertising, Distillery Web Design and Marketing will show you, the small business owner, the benefits of Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, and how to make these products work for you.

As adult people and business owners, the first two questions going through your head are “How much is it going to cost” and “What’s in it for me” or some variation of those questions. Here’s the beauty of Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising,  you determine how much you want to spend and the benefits are vast and instant.

Here are few questions about traditional methods of advertising. In today’s society how do people find products and services? Do they use the traditional ways of the phone book, newspaper, and radio? Take a moment and really think about these traditional ways of advertising. Now, think about how YOU as a consumer find products and services. How many of you actually use a phone book? When reading a newspaper, do you even pay attention to the ads? How about the radio? Do you listen to the radio spot or do you change the station? Maybe, like many of us, you don’t even listen to traditional radio anymore because you have SiriusXM Radio. Last question. If you are using these traditional ways to advertise, how do you know they are working? Ahhhhhh…more than likely, you’re unsure of the ads’ effectiveness because you are not using a way to track the ads.

In subsequent blogs, we’ll talk specifics about Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. But right now, here’s a brief list of benefits of both types of advertising.

  • Base ads around demographics
  • Easy to budget
  • User Determines Spending
  • Cost Per Click or CPC
  • Cost Per Mille or CPM
  • Analytic Tools to track ads
  • Easy to Edit/Change
  • Run Multiple Ads
  • User Friendly
  • Plus more benefits specific to Google AdWords and Facebook

These new advertising tools make it easy to promote your business, and since these types of ads can be easily changed why not give them a try? Stay tuned for more on our Search Advertising and Social Advertising series. Have questions on how to get started? Contact Us

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