Small Business and Twitter: To Tweet or Not to Tweet

To borrow from the Bard himself with a few changes to make it more modern, small business owners should ask themselves To tweet, or not to tweet…that is the social media question. Hamlet really had some major family issues going on. I mean, his uncle killed his father and then married his mother for starters.  All you are deciding is if Twitter is right for your company.  The answer…Yes it is. Not sure how to get started? Then following these tips.

1. Acknowledge Twitter Will Help Your Business. Acceptance seems to be the first step in everything. Let’s crunch some numbers to see why Twitter is important. According to Bits, a blog from the New York Times, in September of 2011 Twitter reached 100 Million active users. 100 million tweeting about various topics just waiting to find your company.

2. Write a Business Twitter Plan. A business plan is important so everyone in your company is on the same page. Of course, your plan should hit the basics like who is your target audience? Who will be in charge of it? How often will you tweet? What will you tweet? Will you need more than one account? Will you need to hire an outside company to take care of your social media? And so on.  Don’t discard the business plan. Remember you are sending an image about your company.  Confused by all the Twitter lingo? Click here for Twitter Basics.

3. Make Tweets Count. Your customers do not care it is Pizza Wednesday at work,  that everyone is tired/happy/excited/ or that it is T-Shirt Tuesday. Customers want teasers of upcoming events or sales, special deals for your Twitter followers, or any sort of business update.

Happy Tweeting!

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