Manage Your Online Reputation – 4 Tips for Small Business Owners

How well do you know your business’s online reputation? Part of what we do is help maintain and manage our clients’ online reputation. Before an initial visit with prospective clients, we investigate that particular business’s internet presence. We use keywords, just like anyone searching for a product or service, and see what pops up. Whenever we find negative reviews, our potential clients are always surprised. Their typically response is, “I had no idea.”  

Here are 4 basic tips to help keep a positive online image.

  • Know What’s Being Said – Google away! This seems like a no brainer, but it’s important to do a keyword search and also a company name search. Regardless if your company has all positive or a few negative reviews, it’s still important to monitor. There are many online tools you can use to help alert you like Me on the Web. Don’t have time to monitor? Then hire a company that specializes in Online Reputation Management like Distillery Web Design.
  • Set It and Don’t Forget It – You have to be proactive in presenting a positive business image. Be sure to use social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to help manage and maintain such an image. Any social media should be linked together with your website.This will help with rankings.Think about it this way, your company should be like the kid in school who was involved in academics, sports, and clubs in order to be found anywhere in the year book. Also remember that by using social media and having a website you are in control of what’s being said. As political commentator George Will said, “If you don’t like what the news is saying about you, make your own news.”
  • Have a Realistic Outlook – There’s an old saying “You can’t please everyone all of the time.” True, but you can know how to handle negative reviews. A displeased customer will blast what happened in as many places as he/she can and to as many people as he/she can. Negative reviews are going to happen so be sure to know how to handle negative reviews.
  • Keep your “Enemies” Closer – Always have an eye out on your competition. See where they’re listed and be sure you are listed there too. A little research with Google will tell you exactly what you need to know and where you need to be.

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