The 10 Best Tips for Small Businesses on Facebook

Your business doesn’t have a Facebook page? Gasp! Setting it up is the easy part. Getting more than your friends and family to Like your business page is tougher. Here are 10 of the best tips for maintaining your business Facebook page, engaging your current fans, and gaining more fans.

Nix Corporate Speak: The great thing about Facebook is being able to show personality and showing fans the “fun” side of your business. Having a Facebook page allows business owners to continually promote their specific brand without constantly pushing sales on fans.

Know Your Audience: Step one is to determine your audience demographic. Step two, ask fans what they would like to see on your business Facebook page. Step three, incorporate what your fans want. 

Be Interactive: Pushing product is boring, boring, boring. Mix it up by having famous quotes, pictures of employees and customers, videos, contests, and trivia.  End with questions in order to engage feedback and illicit comments. There is an Ask Question feature on Facebook where you can do just that or set up a poll. People like polls and expressing their opinion.

Know the Rules: With all things, there are rules. Make sure you are familiar with Facebook terms so you do not accidentally violate them.

Be Cool: Yes, you should show personality on your Facebook business page; however, you need to be sure to always be professional. You know this, I know this, we all know this, but some people really are jerks and will make inappropriate comments. Handle these types of comments with class. If there is inappropriate language, then it is your call to delete the comment or not.

Cross Promote:  Local businesses really need to promote one another. Promote the local area chamber of commerce, bakery, photographer, butcher, web designer, mechanic, etc. on your site. If you’ve had a great experience share it. In addition, have your current customers share their experience with your business with their friends. Word of mouth, especially on a social media platform, goes a long way.

Be Exclusive: Offer your Facebook fans exclusive deals. These should be different from other deals you have in your store or website.

Add Photos, Videos, and other Content: It is important to add these before gaining fans. No one wants to be a fan of an empty page. By adding photos, videos, and content ahead of time, it shows fans you are ready to socialize and do business.

Encourage Check-Ins: With Facebook, small business owners have the ability to give special offers to customers when they check-in. Using Places helps with promoting what’s in it for customers who Like your page.

Subscribe: It is important to Like other pages. By subscribing to other business pages it helps promote your own personalty and to see how others are uploading content and how they interact with fans.

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