Top 3 Resolutions All Small Business Owners Should Make in 2012

 Will 2012 be a Happy New Year for your business?

It’s tradition to make resolutions at the beginning of a new year. Most of these resolutions tend to be personal (lose weight, stop drinking so much soda, exercise more, run 5k, etc). Personal resolutions are great, but it’s also time to start thinking about how to improve your business. Distillery Web Design and Marketing can handle any of your marketing needs and encourage you to contact us to help you with any of your business New Year’s resolutions.  Contact us!

Resolution #1: Delegate Authority

Here’s a toughy. You’re the boss and delegating is really, really difficult for most of us since we feel as if we are relinquishing control. Your business is your creation after all. However, by not delegating authority you may be hurting your business’s revenue. Think about what you could have someone else do for your company, then hire a company to help your business with tasks like a company newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, menu design, etc., whatever pertains to your particular business.

Resolution #2: Join a Social Networking Site

Haven’t joined Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Groupon, etc? Why not? These are great resources for helping promote your business and/or connecting with other small business owners. Branding and maintaining customer interaction is important when you are starting out. Heck! It is still important even if you’ve been around for many years. Several of these services are free (some do incur cost if you want to upgrade). Groupon isn’t a social site, but is important in promoting your business through special deals. Don’t think you have time? See Resolution #1.

Resolution #3: Create or Refresh Your Website

Guess where social networking goes? It all leads back to your website, so make sure it looks current and not stuck in the 90’s. Say it with me… “I will not use a bright background with red text.” When a customer finds your website, you want them to think “Wow! This is so cool!” Not “Wow! I hope I didn’t just download a virus.” Do a little navigating of your own and then decided what you want out of your site. Not only do you need a website, but you also need to make sure it translates to mobile devices. It seems literally everyone has a cell phone and your website is the new phonebook. So, make it stand out. Click on mobile websites from Mashable to find out why they’re important to your business.

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