Top 5 Facebook Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners

 How do you stack up?

Small business owners in the Lebanon, Springfield, Camdenton, and Osage Beach areas need to use Facebook everyday to build their business and promote their website to help drive sales.  Here are the most common mistakes made on Facebook by small businesses.

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Mistake #1: Not Using Facebook


Facebook is FREE! It’s also an all encompassing marketing tool where business owners can track customer behavior toward certain promotions or giveaways. In addition, having a Facebook page can help lead potential and current customers to the business’s website, plus so much more. Did we mention it’s FREE?


Mistake #2: Not Setting Up The Correct Facebook Page


One of the biggest mistakes we see is businesses setting up Facebook pages incorrectly. As a business owner, you want customers to be fans simply by clicking “Like”. Once they’ve “Liked” the business page, then they have the opportunity to look at what you have to offer.


Mistake #3: Not Interacting


So, you have the page set up. Now what? Most business owners make the mistake of bombarding customers with promotions. It’s important, but should not be the only thing happening on your Facebook page. Engage customers with interesting how-to’s or something funny (and appropriate) from the Internet. There are tons of pictures of animals being super-cute. Seriously….tons. Your goal should be to build a community and keep customers interested. Which leads us to….


Mistake #4: Not Mixing It Up


Ever not known what to put as your status update? Yeah, you and everyone on Facebook. The point is to mix it up. A video, a picture, a give away, a new promotion, etc. Don’t do the same thing every day. People will keep coming back to see what will happen next on your page.


Mistake #5: Not Committing Time


A Facebook page is not going to run itself, so make sure you make enough time for the page. Customers want immediate responses to their comments. It keeps customers engaged and it also reinforces to customers that they are important to your business.


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