Twitter Basics

Let’s literally start at the beginning.

What is Twitter?
Twitter is a social media platformed. Messages can only be 140 characters or less, and you can only receive messages from others who choose to follow.

A tweet is a message or a post you created/wrote on Twitter.

Retweet (RT)
If you find something interesting and want to share it with others, then you can retweet the information. Like anything else, you need to give credit to the original person.
Here’s an example:

Twitter user carrie tweets: Holy cow! Free ice cream at Acme Frozen Yummies all day Tuesday!

You retweet by posting RT @carrie Holy cow! Free ice cream at Acme Frozen Yummies all day Tuesday!


Use the @ symbol to reference or to reply to a Twitter user.

Direct Message (DM)
You can only send direct messages to people who are following you. These are private (like email). When someone starts following your business, a DM would be great way to say Thanks! Here’s a 10% discount on your next order!

There is so much to Twitter, but these are the basics to get you started. Click here for The twitter Guide Book from Mashable.

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