Website Mistakes

Website Mistakes

8 Ways Your Website is Costing You Money

As a small business owner it is imperative that you have an online presence. This means a website that is easy to navigate, attractively designed, has mobile optimization, SEO optimization, and has clear calls to action. It should be more about how your business is the right choice to help with customers’ pains and problems. If your website cannot be easily found on 1st page search results, then ¬†your website is costing you money.

Look at it this way. When your website isn’t functioning at its fullest potential, then it’s exactly like taking a stack of your business cards, throwing them out into the street, and then praying someone picks one up and calls you. So let’s take a look at how your website is costing you money.

Website Mistake #1: No Clear Calls to Action

You have to tell your customers what to do and how it will benefit them by calling your business. “Call Today!” is an overused and ineffective call to action.
Remember you need to lead your customer. Make it easy for them to get in touch with you.

Your call to action should

1. Stand Out. Create a button that is colorful.
2. Be Specific. Example, “Have an emergency? Call 555-555-5555” or “Click for a Fast and Free Quote”
3. Provide an Incentive. For example, if you want more customers to book online then give a percentage off. “Save! Book Online and Receive an Instant 20% Discount”

Website Mistake #2: It’s Ugly

If your website looks like it’s going to give customers a virus, then it’s time to make a change. People like clean, attractive, easy to navigate websites. They want to find the info they need and then make a call or send an email about services or products. 7 Reasons Why Your Website is Ugly will give you a clearer picture. But c’mon. You probably already know it’s time to update your website.

Website Mistake #3: No Mobile Version

What do you mean your website doesn’t have mobile optimization? Literally everyone has a mobile phone. Seriously, I’m not sure they even keep stats on how many people use their cell phones to look up stuff because EVERYONE IS DOING IT. Spend some money to make sure your website can be viewed from mobile devices. No one is saying, “I’ll look that up when I get home on my desktop.”

Website Mistake #4: No SEO

Customers find you by using keywords and phrases. It’s important to incorporate those keywords and phrases into your content. Here’s the catch. It needs to be well written so it comes across as natural and not like you’re just sticking them on the page so you’ll show up on search results. Proper SEO also takes time so it’s silly to think your business will instantly show up on 1st page Google results. There are several steps to SEO, so talk to your IT person about how to effectively get your business noticed.

Website Mistake #5: IT Person?

You should have a designated IT person for your business. Hint: That’s what Distillery Web Design does! Not only should you have someone market your business, but also someone who automatically updates your website to ensure that it has the correct and proper security, is backed up weekly to monthly, and can update your site with new content or pictures when necessary.

Your kid, your best friend’s roommate’s fiance, your nephew or niece are more than likely not IT people. Marketing your business and properly maintaining your website are not their top priorities. Think of it this way, if you’re professional doughnut baker then you wouldn’t want someone in your kitchen who doesn’t know anything about how to bake doughnuts. Or worse yet, knows just a little bit.

Pay for a professional.

Website Mistake #6: No Social Media Links

Social media and websites are staples. You shouldn’t have one without the other. They are the yin and yang of online marketing. Bonus: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more are FREE. In addition, it’s so easy to share information through social media. You will also reach customers that you might not have thought were in your demographic. Social media is a fun way to showcase your business’s personality. So remember, to keep it that way…social.

Make sure your social media icons are easy to find on your website. Be sure to include them on your email blasts or newsletters. On any print media with the link provided, of course.

Website Mistake #7: The Same Game

Stand apart from your competition. If your website looks the same or similar to your competition, then people associated that with your services are similar as well. Be sure to focus on how you stand apart from your competition.

Website Mistake #8: More Show, Less Tell

You know what’s boring? Someone who only talks about himself or herself. The same goes for your website. Make it about the customers pains and problems and how your business will benefit the customer.

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