Wedding Venue Website – 15 Pro Tips You Need

Wedding Venue Websites

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One of our favorite types of sites to create is for wedding venues. It’s a fantastic creative process and honestly, most of the time you get to use pretty, pretty wedding colors or build off of the venues aesthetic. That’s exactly what we did for the Historic Firehouse No2 (pictured above).

Pay attention wedding venue owners because this one is specifically for you! Let’s get started with 15 Pro Tips for Wedding Venue Websites. 

The wedding venue is a major decision regardless if they are getting married at a church or somewhere besides a religious institution. As we’ve been doing first hand research on this topic, it’s come to DWD’s attention that wedding venues in the Springfield, Missouri area need to become major internet players.

Must Have a SEO Website
It’s one thing to just have something on the web, it’s another to actually be found when potential clients search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. The days of the phonebook are dwindling and most people use their computer or mobile phone to find places. Having a websites is imperative.

Mobile Version
We’ve talked about having a mobile version in an early post. What can be seen on a computer screen is not the same as what can be seen on a mobile phone. Why is having a mobile version so important? Think about how people are going from place to place. In order to find information about a place (in your case a wedding venue) they use their mobile phone. Be sure to ask your web developer about a mobile version.

Contact Information
Prominently displayed contact information such as a phone number, the address, and hours should be on the upper right hand corner of every page of the website. No need to frustrate potential clients by hiding this information.

Contact Form
A contact form is better than an email address because it can contain a drop down list to better prioritize which needs be answered first. For example, the list could contain Booking, Already Booked, Question, Pricing, Complaints, or Other. The auto response can be customized for each category.

Quick Response Time
As mentioned above, we’ve been doing research on the different venues in the Springfield, Missouri area. As we researched different venues, we noticed that many didn’t return phone calls or emails for up to 5 days. Guess what? Those venues just lost customers. The auto response for the contact form will help with the initial contact, but remember if potential clients do not hear back in a timely manner (that day) they are going to move on to the next venue.

Google Maps
Make it easy for people to find your venue. Implement Google Maps so clients can plug in where they are coming from to your venue.

Regularly Updated Website
Search engines are on the lookout for sites that have new material. You already have the perfect opportunity to constantly update the site with new events. Also, be sure to have a News section because Content is King!

Up to Date Availability
Potential clients are looking for a few things when searching for a venue. Top on the list, is it available. This will only help with facilitating information to the potential client.

Next on the list, pricing. Put it out there, plus any extras that may occur (like handling of chairs, cork fee, bartenders, etc.) It’s silly not to let clients know right from the start the pricing list. Are there days during the week that are slow? Give a price break. There isn’t a rule that says people have to get married on the weekend.

Recommended Vendors
Have vendors you love to work with? Then recommend them to clients who have signed on to use your venue. This is a common practice on the East Coast, but it has not caught on here in the wild Midwest.

Use a professional photographer for pictures of your venue. Show what the venue looks like empty, and what the venue looks like when an event is being held. People like pictures.

Collect Emails for Referrals
Does your venue do more than just weddings? Be sure to collect email address for other types of events and also for past customers to give referrals to their engaged friends and family.

You can probably rattle off 100 questions you’re asked every time someone calls. Putting those questions on the site will help alleviate answering the same questions over and over.

Social Media
The website is to help educate potential and current customers on your product or service. Social media is where you can show personality and engage fans by asking questions, announcing an upcoming event (should also be on the site), showing video, or posting pictures. Consistently using social media also helps drive traffic to your website. It’s a win/win!

Customer Praise with Pictures
Pictures of happy clients puts more stock in the praise then just a first name. If a client is happy with the service or product, all you have to do is ask and most of the time they will be willing to share how you made their special day spectacular.

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