What We Did: EZ Disposal of Lebanon, Mo

EZ Disposal Website

EZ Disposal is a locally owned trash removal company that serves the Laclede, Webster, Pulaski, Camden,  and portions of other surrounding counties. They provide both commercial and residential services. One of EZ Disposal’s goals was to branch out and market in other areas of Missouri through the use of creating an online presence. In addition, they understood the need to have a social media presence so customers would always be able to find information quickly and be part of exclusive deals or giveaways.

Here’s what we did for EZ Disposal:

  • Redesigned logo for brand awareness
  • Created an online presence that is easy to navigate and is customer friendly
  • Implemented Online Bill Pay that’s fully integrated with their third party vendor
  • Established an online presence through a website and social media
  • Created an online following through the use of Facebook
  • Customized pages for Facebook Giveaways
  • Customized pages for Pink Cart Campaign
  • Created marketing campaign and materials for Pink Cart Campaign

One of the first projects we finished for EZ Disposal was a new logo design. The design needed to look clean and efficient in order to represent the company. One of the best ways to brand a business is through an easy to recognize logo. In turn, the logo needed to be able to pop not only on the website but also on the equipment, trucks, and trash cylinders.

Once the logo was determined, then it was time to finish the website. EZ Disposal is a locally owned company that is continually growing. The website needed to help filter information to customers and in turn help free up some of the many responsibilities of the office employees. Customer service is EZ Disposal’s top priority and they are always looking for ways to improve and be the best. In addition, they wanted a clean, easy to navigate site. After the site had been live for a couple of months, it became evident that online bill pay was a necessity. This took a little time to integrate since we had to work with their third party vendor that already processed payments. Bill pay has been a great success for EZ Disposal.

Now with the website running and bill pay working, the next step was to help EZ Disposal make a social media mark. The Facebook logo was placed in a prominent place on the website and in addition, two contests for Liking EZ Disposal on Facebook were created. The first contest featured winning an iPod and the second was winning Taylor Swift concert tickets. Both were hugely successful and generated more fans for EZ Disposal as well as more customers.

EZ Disposal is a company that understands the importance of being involved in the community. Pink Carts for Beating Cancer is an ongoing awareness campaign and fundraiser. We helped EZ Disposal implement its Facebook page, Website, and community presence in order to get the word out about the Pink Carts. The first step was to position Pink Carts around other businesses with the Pink Cart slogan “Kick Cancer to the Curb”. Next, we created a specific page outlining the benefits of changing over to the Pink Cart. Finally, we  created social media awareness by using Facebook.

EZ Disposal is a perfect example of what can happen when you create an online presence and incorporate social media.