What We Did: Herba Thea of Springfield Mo

Herba Thea Website

Herba Thea is a locally owned tea house located in downtown Springfield, Missouri. They specialize in Bubble Tea (or Boba Tea), tasty sandwiches, salads, desserts, and vegetarian/vegan selections as well as providing a relaxing and friendly environment. When developing a website and marketing plan for Herba Thea, we knew it had to reflect the uniqueness of Herba Thea. It is safe to say that Herba Thea is one of a kind in the Springfield area. The owner knew he needed to have an online presence and social media presence. He wanted the business to be reflected accurately and had a very limited budget. After speaking with him, we knew exactly how to make Herba Thea’s site and social media presence stand out while staying within his budget. We decided to use one of a kind artwork from a local graphic designer in order to help keep costs down and at the same time representing Herba Thea’s image.

Here’s what we did for Herba Thea:

  • Registered Herb Thea will all social networks, include Facebook, Yelp, and foursquare
  • Obtained domain name
  • Created new logo design from original artwork
  • Determined keywords for Search Engine Optimization
  • Designed a creative, easy to navigate, unique website
  • Creative meeting with owner and staff for aesthetic of artwork
  • Creative meeting with owner to write content for site
  • Designed proofs
  • Redesigned menus, table tents, and to go menus
  • Recreated online menu
  • Designed window clings

The first thing we did with Herba Thea is look at the existing logos. One in particular was something an employee had drawn. We took that and had a local graphic artist recreate the look and feel of the original piece. We didn’t want to detour from the original artwork, but at the same time we needed to create brand awareness with the new logo.

Herba Thea is a place where people socialize, so creating a culture around it was something we also needed to play up. Not only with the website, but also with social media we were able to help Herba Thea harness its online presence. Announcing upcoming events or menu items is now accessible and easier to maintain.