Writer’s Block

5 Tips to help eliminate (or at least get through) Writer’s Block

One of the great things about my job is that it is the ultimate creative outlet. Especially when a client gives me free reign. The worst part of my job? Well it’s that it is the ultimate creative outlet.  If you’re a writer or if you are the one that handles the marketing for your business, you understand just not feeling it, getting bored, or worse…writer’s block. I thought I would share with you some ways I fight off writer’s fatigue, so I can write at my best.

Writer’s Block Eliminator #1: Walk Away from It

Seriously. There are times when it’s not going to happen. Everything is utter nonsense and garbage that emerges from my keyboard. So, I walk away. I find something else to do that is not writing. Filing, checking the business finances, watering the plants, anything.

Writer’s Block Eliminator #2: Writing Time

I majored in Creative Writing in college and one of my professors (name has escaped me) told us to write at the same time every day. When you write at the same time every day, you train your brain to be ready. Bonus tip: write at the best time of day/night for you. I’m a complete morning person and I can get more done between 8am – 12pm then I can for the rest of the day.

Writer’s Block Eliminator #3: Human Sounding Board

Find someone who you can bounce ideas off or you can vent about how bored/frustrated/whatever you are with your task. We all get frustrated and if we can release that frustration in a healthy way, then it clears up space for all those creative juices.

Writer’s Block Eliminator #4: Cut Out Distractions

There are times when as a writer you have to just dig in and finish the task. Close out your email, don’t even think about logging in to any sort of social media, and turn off your phone (especially your cell).  You might have to seclude yourself or completely clear off your desk (minus your computer, of course). Treat yourself like a small child if necessary. For example, have your drink of choice already on your desk, a small snack, and go to the restroom before you start writing. It might sound a little silly, but anything can become a distraction and derail your writing efforts.

Writer’s Block Eliminator #5: Time Limit

There are several task manager apps that will help with time management.  A little “pressure” can be a good thing, and I know I’m at my best when I have a time crunch. What do I recommend? Pomodroido for Android because it’s simple and free. I like free.

Suffering from a certain type of writer’s block? (Seriously, there are so many stages of writer’s block…who knew!). Read iO9 The 10 Types of Writer’s Block (and How to Over Them).

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