Writing an Interesting About Us Page

Recently, I had the opportunity to write an About Us page for a client. Writing is not new to me. I have an English degree in Creative Writing, and I also taught high school for close to a decade. However, during all that time I never had an assignment to write an About Us page for a website. When I started researching the best way to go about writing an About Us page, I ran across two particularly helpful articles.

The first article is entitled Guidelines for Writing a Good About Page by Jacob Gube.  Everything Gube talks about is basic writing 101. Know your audience, provide the basics about your business or what you’re promoting, and answer the classic basics of who, what, when, where, and how. The piece is easy to follow and gives examples of what may be included in the About Us section of your website.

12 of the Best About Us Pages on the Internet is the second article. With this one, some of the same elements are covered; however, it also gives excellent examples. Once you’ve explored the Best Of article, you may notice there is not a set way or right way to write an About Us page.

Don’t feel overwhelmed. Writing is something which evolves. Typically, the first go around is not the best. Make sure you have the ability to change your About Us section of your website. When exploring website builders and/or website designers, be sure to ask if you will have the autonomy to change your site. Also be sure to ask if there will be a charge with any changes made. Remember your Home page and entire site should be updated on a regular basis and never be stagnate.

The best advice I can give you is this:  write about what you know.  Since it’s your business then the About Us section should be easy.  If you need help with grammar issues, then I suggest you go to the Purdue Online Writing Lab site.  OWL (that’s the short name for the writing lab) makes it easy to find answers to common grammar and mechanical mistakes.

Good luck!

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