Your Website is your Best Salesman

The Internet is a wonderful thing. Businesses can get a webpage for a few bucks that they can dump their info into and readily post to the Internet. Bang! Website. Unfortunately, this would have fit the bill in 1999. But no longer.

Now, websites have the capacity to be a true strategic asset to their owner’s businesses. Let me repeat that: A true strategic asset. If you and the competition have the same business elements, client base, product, etc., then a professionally done website can put you over the top.

Example: You sell medical scrubs. You deliver them monthly to a set of hospitals in the surrounding area like a road show. You roll up and you are swamped by nurses wanting the latest colors and fashions in their workwear. They love your selection and prices. You buy in bulk and keep your overhead low by going to the customer, which they love too! It is a good setup.

You try and expand into another nearby community. You check the local market and there are more than enough potential customers. But, to your dismay, there is somebody selling the exact same product. No way to penetrate this market without getting out of pocket in advertising and profit slashing. The risk to reward ratio is not good.

With a professionally done website, you can start to penetrate this market at a low cost relative to other media. You can have your potential new clients order online anytime. You offer low cost referral incentives to get new/existing clients to recommend your product. You can have your product delivered and you can deliver yourself. While you sleep, overnight nurses are buying your product online at their jobs. You are selling 24/7!

This is possible. This is being done right now. Why aren’t you with your business?

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